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released September 30, 2013



all rights reserved


CHICO Santander, Spain

CHICO is an alternative rock band born in February 2012 in Santander, Spain. Mario de Inocencio (guitar, lead vocals) starts writing 90's rock-influenced material and recruits old friends Hector Garate (guitar, backing vocals), Fernando Prieto “Poty” (bass), Nacho Sistal (keyboards, backing vocals), Txete Segura (drums), and Raul Delgado
“Thereafter” is released by Artimaña Records in August 2013
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Track Name: Ingravity
Someone has taken my love after my last war,
Someone that you and I know rocked me to the core
After some time spent alone one thing is for sure
I can´t relate to my own ways to get along

Can you believe what I found, floating around in my ingravity?

Now that I know I can’t fight harder than I’ve tried
Packed up my heart, faced my crime, waved my fears goodbye
I have the feeling I’ve lost the best part of my life
Waiting to solve what I know can’t be fixed with time

I couldn’t help playing with fire, will I survive my ingravity?
Track Name: Hello Maria
Hello María, It’s been so long
Since you last walked out, out of that door
Now if you listen close to my words
You could hear something you may not know

Pain is the fear of being alone
Fear is the weapon I fear the most
I know that life ain’t the way you first thought
But only the bravest shine on their own

Can’t escape all the things we’ve known
But sometimes it’s fair to say no
What a shame was for me to show
How hard was for me to let go

I know, María, you have been told
You gave me freedom while losing your own
I could add something, not that they’re wrong
But I gave forever my love in return

Hello María, It’s been so long
Since you once left me out in the cold
Someone is knocking hard on my door
But too late, María, nobody’s home.
Track Name: Rollercoaster
Take me down to the bottom
And pull me back as another
And in the meantime as I wallow
You tie my will down and I follow

I spent many days searching for a place for cover
And right along the way I bumped into golden colors
Music in the air tainting my days
Burning summer days sliding away
Nothing to regret, not when it comes to lovers
Riding in your rollercoaster
Getting me back in the game
Trying to believe it’s all over,
“We’re just beginners” she said

“Hold me, trust me, I care”
“Fear me, hear me: beware”

Came out wounded, stripped down and chasing feathers
And to this day
Wondering If I will carry your cross forever

Spinning around in my orbit
Could not care less for advice,
Storm clouds came without a warning
Craving for heartache inside
Track Name: This is Goodbye
Yesterday you died
It was just last night
No one will cry, no mourning time,
No tears but mine.

But yesterday you died,
You committed suicide,
Paid a sky high toll for the ride,
Lost all your shine,
Blue lighthouse eyes.

I know that I’ll see you
like a ghost from the past,
and I know it’ll be nothing
but a trick of my mind
trying to say you’re alive
but you’re not,

Yesterday you died
No questions why,
You may not mind, you may feel fine,
Shame on your pride,
Shame on my pride

And this is goodbye.
Track Name: The Fool
Have you felt the pressure on your skin
Pushing back and forward from within?

Boiling blood inside my veins
Set the pace for my mistakes
Something I refuse to show
Compromising self control

Have you ever felt the fires of hell
Lurking from a corner of yourself

Blinding haze inside my eyes
Finding ways to blur my mind
Throw myself down to my hole
Lose my grip and let it blow

The fool striking back again,
The fool coming round the bend

Will I let the fool out of my brain?
Break him down and end up my disgrace?
Sometimes I just can’t evade
The lack of fear for my regrets,
Will I ever recognize
the difference between wrong and right
Track Name: Second Thoughts
Got no trace of faith in consequence,
The one god I feared enough to praise,
Refrain now, put down your guns and wait
One minute before my soul decays again

No room for choice
No bursting noise
I should have been told before you tossed another one of my coins.

I wasted my only chance to break
And tasted the winter’s breath.
Degraded until I found myself
One reason not to give in and fade away.

Thought again and put second thoughts first,
Wipe my face and put second thoughts first,
Dream away and put second thoughts first
Switch their place and put second thoughts first
Track Name: Silence
And yet again darkness
Has brought about brightness
Betrayal comes after
The lying is mastered

There’s no fear when there is nothing you must hide, am I right?

Worst kind of violence
I guess it’s my way
To put you down.
Instead of mind games
That used to bring me
Down to the ground

The rage of your pride might
grow burning inside but
The one that you can’t stop
Can only be cast out

Never trust if they can’t look you in the eye, they might

Don’t look down, It’s you I’m talking about
Don’t look down, you’ll pay your dues somehow
Track Name: Closing Time
The time has come again
A time to walk out of the shades and change
A moment to embrace,
To fill my lungs with open air and state

That I’ll forget today
The loss of yesterday

No more waiting

My pain and my dark days
Left my case with no one left to blame
Time wasted, light faded
Turn the page, it’s closing time today

Whatever came my way
Has left a scar upon my face, and I guess
That now it’s safe to say
My older self has come of age today

And I refuse to play
The games of yesterday

No more playing

My pain and my dark days
Left my case with no more paths to take
Time wasted, light faded
Turn the page, it’s closing time today